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Machu Picchu; Exploring the Ruins 28.06.2015
Exploring Machu Picchu; Part 1 Waynu Picchu 26.06.2015
More Jungle, More Jungle... 08.06.2015
Into the Jungle- Manu Park 08.06.2015
First 4 days in Cusco 26.05.2015
Huembo-Colibri-Hummingbird (then a side of Petroglyphs!) 22.05.2015
Gocta Cataract-A Way High Waterfall! 14.05.2015
Kuelap- INCREDIBLE!! 14.05.2015
Cajamarca to Chacha on One of the Most Dangerous Roads 10.05.2015
Two Tours Today to Ancient Places 09.05.2015
Exploring Cajamarca 04.05.2015
The Unexpected of the Adventure 03.05.2015
Where the Wild Things Are! (Apologies to Maurice!) 30.04.2015
Bosque de Pomac, Weeding and Football! 29.04.2015
Another Week at the SBC Center. 28.04.2015
Pepa's Birthday & Football! 26.04.2015
Museo Nacional Sicán 25.04.2015
Looking for Oso de Anteojos—Into the Mountains We Go! 25.04.2015
Our First Weekend in Batan Grande 20.04.2015
The Needle Felting Ladies 20.04.2015
Out into the Field 19.04.2015
The Last Hurdle— Peruvian Immigration—and Away we Go! 17.04.2015
The Day at the US Embassy! 16.04.2015
Just Waiting for Monday, Monday, Monday… 13.04.2015
A Day at the Museum and What a Museum! 11.04.2015
A short notice: 10.04.2015
The Morning After the Night Before! 06.04.2015
The Day Starts GREAT! Ends: Not so Great :-( 05.04.2015
The Day Starts GREAT! Ends: Not so Great :-( 05.04.2015
Day 1 & 2, Our Adventure Begins 03.04.2015
A New Adventure is About to Begin! 11.03.2015
Mickelson Trail, Missiles, and a Family Weekend 17.08.2013
Monumental Tourists in South Dakota! 11.08.2013
Good-Bye Canada, Hello Heartland! 31.07.2013
A Wild Gitchee Goomee Greeting! 24.07.2013
Quebec Whales, Ontario Moose and Family 17.07.2013
On the Road Again-with Starts and Stops 17.07.2013
Labrador City Keeps Hanging On! 16.07.2013
We Finish the TLH (but we're not done yet...) 15.07.2013
Into the Wilderness on the Trans-Labrador Highway 14.07.2013
The Newfoundland Farewell and the Labrador Black Fly Attack! 12.07.2013
Vikings, Mummers and Bergs with a Side of Ungulates 09.07.2013
Icebergs and Other Exciting Times 07.07.2013
On the Trail toward Vikings and Bergs 06.07.2013
Our 8th Anniversary-A Visit from Bird-Watching Friends 05.07.2013
Hunkering Down for the Canada Day Holiday 05.07.2013
Fiddlin Around in St. John's 05.07.2013
Gannets, Murres and Kittiwakes, Oh My! 30.06.2013
Puffin, Puffin, We See the Puffins! 30.06.2013
Uh, Where Did You Camp!? 29.06.2013
Hike to Green Gardens- To Get Some You Gotta Give Some! 27.06.2013
Up the Western Brook Pond-Boating the "Fjord" 27.06.2013
Gros Morne-A Wild and Windy Place! 25.06.2013
On the Way to Gros Morne National Park 23.06.2013
Rocking to the Tune of the Rock- We Arrive!! 23.06.2013
18th Century French to 21st Century Canadian! 20.06.2013
Cable Ferries and Chip Stands 20.06.2013
Cape Breton - It Blows Away an Air Spring, Too! 16.06.2013
Cape Breton Blows Us Away (In a Good Way!) 16.06.2013
Having Fun in Halifax! 14.06.2013
Pleasantly Surprised on Prince Edward Island 11.06.2013
Fun Along the Bay of Fundy 09.06.2013
Fredericton and Fundy 09.06.2013
To the End of the Two (US 2, that is) 08.06.2013
Cycling at Last!-doing the Park Loop 07.06.2013
The Other, Older Coast 05.06.2013
The Long and Winding Road... 03.06.2013
Another View of the Revolutionary War 02.06.2013
Birds, Tomatoes, and R&R 30.05.2013
We Found a BEER CLUB!! I love this Place!! 29.05.2013
The State of Road-Kill 29.05.2013
Out of the Wind (finally!) and Greeting the Lakes 27.05.2013
An Unexpected Detour! 24.05.2013
Into the Wind! 22.05.2013
Hello US 2- Let's make some miles! 22.05.2013
Still Looking for Loons-- Lost Lake to Ferry Lake 21.05.2013
We're on our way! 19.05.2013
Welcome to our travel blog! 08.05.2013